Sigma 55-200mm f/4-5.6 DC Telephoto Zoom Lens for Sigma Digital SLR Cameras

  • Sigma SLR mount; telephoto zoom lens
  • 4.5x magnification
  • 55 to 200 mm focal length
  • f/4 maximum aperture
  • 43.3-inch minimum focusing distance

This compact telephoto zoom lens was exclusively designed for use with digital SLR cameras*. The image circle was designed to match the size of the image sensors of digital SLR cameras that also allows compact body and lightweight. Characteristics of digital cameras were taken into consideration when designing the lens power layout, making high-quality images reality through the entire zoom range. We used the most appropriate coating for digital products to cut down flare and ghost caused by digital SLR cameras and to produce the best color balance. It can be used with the supplied lens hood to block out extraneous light. This lens has a minimum focusing distance of 110cm (43.3in.) and maximum magnification of 1:4.5.High performance 3.6x telephoto zoom lens suited a wide range of shooting conditions, such as portrait, sports, nature. The focus and zoom rings provide easy operation in manual mode. A distance scale on the focus ring is an easy to use and convenient addition * This lens is designed specifically for use with the majority of digital SLR cameras featuring the smaller image sensors. Digital SLRs containing an image sensor larger than APS-C format and 35mm or APS SLR film cameras should not be used or image cut-off or vignetting will occur.


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